Restaurant Chedi

Food from the heart, made for the soul

A casual fine contemporary Thai restaurant inspired by one man’s culinary discoveries of Thailand, alongside the modern gusto of today’s dining flavours for the distinguished, modern palette.

Inspired by the vibrancy of the food culture of the different regional provinces of Thailand. Combining recipes passed down through generations, utilising traditional authentic home kitchen cooking methods with fresh, aged, and new food concepts.

Our food is presented through a seasonal tasting menu featuring the best Thai, regional, and globally air-flown ingredients. A modern-day speakeasy dining experience. Above all, each meal is a labour of time and patience; each ingredient is an ode to the traditional dish’s potential.

A space for unique and memorable dining experiences.

The Shophouse

The shophouse is a daring adventure of traditional and modern faculties. We took over a beautiful little space along Hamilton Road, Removing its expired material but retaining its 1930s-era charisma. We filled it with our colours, textures and murals of Thai folk art and kept the slate vibrant and warm – inspired by natural materials and our eclectic ideas.

Restaurant Chedi is a space that brings you on a culinary and tippling journey almost any day of the week. Indulge your taste buds at our chef’s counter and watch the kitchen work its magic, or settle down at our table seating to enjoy your meal intimately with your party.

We are ready to cater to your very own cosy buyouts, corporate events and birthday celebrations. Our inviting atmosphere is perfect for any occasion – business meetings, date nights, or simply a night out with friends. Come join us today and enjoy some genuinely unique food!

Restaurant Chedi is a space that brings you into a contemporary Thai culinary speakeasy experience.


k-jin lim

Chef K-Jin’s young palette was a gift shaped by the devotion of his grandmothers – one Teochew and the other Peranakan. His later years were blessed with the generosity of new friends and strangers as he wandered through villages of the four regions in Thailand, learning the essence of traditional Thai cuisine.

After bidding farewell to his high-flying corporate career, K-Jin relocated with his young family on a one-way ticket adventure to Chiang Mai. Having no F&B experience, he took over an authentic northern Thai restaurant and learnt to cook from an eccentric chef whose grandmother was the Head Chef for the Thai royal family. Business boomed, and the restaurant won accolades.

His extraordinary experiences in Thailand gave rise to Restaurant Chedi. Capturing the hallmark of Thai cookery in all its complexity and flavour, K-Jin brings you a contemporary interpretation of Thai cuisine by combining ancient Thai recipes with modern ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

head Chef

miller mai

Head Chef Miller Mai invites guests to enjoy an extraordinary culinary journey with his team, a fantastic array of international ingredients with original Thai recipes to create modern interpretations of daring combinations while retaining the familiar flavours of traditional Thai dishes in every exquisitely composed food presentation.

Having discovered his passion for food while assisting his father as a cook, Chef Miller’s culinary curiosity started young. Skilled and driven, the creative chef is well-versed in contemporary global cooking techniques and has represented Singapore at international culinary competitions and now, in turn, serves as a mentor to younger chefs.

The former head chef of Ding Dong, known for its witty, modern expression of Southeast Asian cuisine, has an 18-year career spanning French, Chinese, Japanese and Italian kitchens across Singapore.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and technical skills, Chef Miller leads as head chef at Restaurant Chedi, bringing his playful, inventive and unique take on Chedi’s contemporary Thai cuisine.

Chedi's menu is created daily from an appreciation for fresh and seasonal ingredients. Meticulously prepared to bring out the best of the unique produce.

Cuisine and Service

The restaurant’s ever-evolving dedication is to deliver a memorable dining experience for diners. Our menu is specially prepared to take you on a journey across Thailand’s well and lesser-known sauces, curries and flavour combinations featuring seasonal ingredients. Respecting nature, life, the environment and the weather.

Chedi’s menu is created daily from an appreciation for fresh and seasonal produce utilising traditional home-cooking methods. Meticulously prepared to bring out the best of the ingredient’s authentic flavours.

Our Tasting Menu Experience is a seven-to-ten-course chef’s choice menu. It offers a complete course influenced by traditional haute cuisine designed with a particular portion and genre that befits its place in the sequence. It offers cold and hot dishes, the main dish and a dessert with updates according to seasonal ingredients. Currently, only by reservations due to the intricate preparation process for every individual portion. Complement your palates with our range of alcoholic beverages to complete the speakeasy experience.